International Cooperation Department

International cooperation is one of the key elements of the ?Umbrella? Foundation development strategy. In our Development Plan we have identified the following areas for international cooperation:

Professionalization of the adult education activities

We want to enrich adult education with new, innovative methods and tools developed by other institutions or international partnerships, in particular those relating to the development of key competences.

Professionalization of European and educational project management

We want to raise awareness about the possibility of financing educational projects within the framework of EU funds and implementing them in international partnerships, in order to develop skills of professional planning and educational projects management, thus enhancing the international dimension of educational activities.

Development of our staff competences

We feel the need to develop skills and competences of the ?Umbrella? Foundation staff in the following areas: management of not-for-profit organizations, interpersonal skills and competences (especially for those who work with so-called ?difficult target groups?), teaching methods and techniques, use of new technologies in education and strengthening the foreign language competence of employees.

Development of partners network at international level

At the moment, there are many networks at local, national and European level, which comprise units operating in similar areas. As a rule, these networks respond positively to the development of related member organizations and to work on innovative solutions. However, due to the dynamic changes within the Member States of the European Union there is a need to establish cross-sectoral cooperation, i.e. partnerships consisting of public bodies (institutions), private enterprises (business) and social organizations (NGOs). The Consortium already has established such partnerships at the local and international levels. In the years to come, the partnership wants to establish a cross-sectoral cooperation with entities from other European countries in order to develop innovative solutions both in the area of ??education (formal, informal and non-formal), as well as system solutions leading to local and international development, with the final result of improved quality of citizens' lives.

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The unit which aimes at strengthening the international cooperation is the International Cooperation Department. 

International Cooperation Department Team


Beata Partyka ? our coordinator at the International Cooperation Department. She is responsible for overall department development, international partnerships, coordinator of Erasmus + projects. Fluent in English and Italian.

Beata is a specialist in project management, social research, multi-sectorial cooperation, development of educational programs, international cooperation. She has more than 10 years of experience in development of educational projects funded by the European Commission. Since 2011 she has been employed in the ?Umbrella? Foundation on a daily basis as advisor for nonprofit organisations development and international cooperation. Since 2013 she has been a coordinator of Europe Direct Information Centre in Wrocław. In addition, she was also a trainer in profit-nonprofit cooperation and was engaged in CSR activities. Beata regularly participates in trainings organised by DG Communication of European Commission.

Bastian Küntzel ? our trainer, coach, consultant, facilitator of learning processes. He is responsible for development, design and delivering training, strategic planning and coaching. Fluent in German and English.

Bastian has been involved in international youth work since 1995 as a member of the international youth- and children?s exchange organisation CISV-International. Besides being an active member and participant of many activities, Bastian has been involved in various activities ranging from weekend meetings to four-week-long youth camps. He served on the board of trustees of CISV-International and represented the organisation before UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the European Youth Forum. Since 2004, Bastian has been a member of the Pool of Trainers of the Youth Sector of the Council of Europe. In this capacity he has trained hundreds of young people from all over Europe in facilitation, human rights education, intercultural learning and organisational leadership. He has been cooperating with the ?Umbrella? Foundation since 2014 as employees? coach and trainer in organisational management. Currently, Bastian is also a member of the NGOs Diversja and the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research.


Agata Nassim ? our specialist in youth formal and non-formal education and international voluntary service. She is responsible for development of cooperation with youth organisations and volunteers? education. Fluent in English.

Agata is an educator. For the past 9 years she has been working for non-governmental organizations as a volunteer, office administration, project and voluntary service manager. For three years she had a full-time position at the Umbrella Foundation as a specialist for information and statistics and after completing her specialization program in the field of youth education, she continues to cooperate with us. For three years she has been managing and implementing European Voluntary Service, strategic partnerships in the field of youth and intercultural projects in Semper Avanti ? an association located in Wroclaw. Her work for NGOs has been giving her a lot of satisfaction connected to acquiring professional competences related to the administration of the projects, ongoing activities as well as planning new projects and searching sources of funds. Her professional interests include voluntary service, inter-cultural dialogue, human rights, non-formal education, and youth work.

Grzegorz Tymoszyk ? our legal representative and advisor. He is responsible for creation of international networks and cooperation with Eastern Countries. Speaks Russian fluently.

An educator and a social activist, Grzegorz has been for years cooperating with national scouts organisations as scout master, author and professional instructor of Survival & Adventure School at the Hobbit Foundation, lifeguard in National Voluntary Mountain Rescue, traveler, alpinist, sailor and paraglider. In 1993 ? 2000 he was employed by the Wrocław Municipal Office, in the Department of Sports and Recreation. Since 2007 he has been President of the Board at the ?Umbrella? Foundation and coordinator of The Wroclaw Centre for the Support of Non-Governmental Organizations Sektor 3.Grzegorz is also lecturer at the Institute of Journalism and Communication at the University of Wroclaw and at University College of Social Psychology in Wroclaw, a member of the Council of Social Policy DOPS, member of the Standing Conference of the project "Strategic Roadmap for Development of Civil Sector in Poland", an expert on the Main Panel of the "Laboratory of Wroclaw. City of the Future in the European Capital of Culture 2016.? He is also the N.C.O. in National Military Reserve Forces. Since 2016 Grzegorz has been on the Advisory Board of HIGGS - Higher Incubator Giving Growth and Sustainability in Athens, Greece.


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